Justin Garner Photography

Justin Garner Photography

The start of a new photographic chapter

This year I’m excited to be working from a studio based in Manchester. I’ll mainly be focusing on product photography as well as training people in my approach to lighting and studio work.

This is my first challenge in the studio photographing a floating trainer.


The idea came from seeing other images online of trainers suspended in the air. The first part of bring in the image together was getting a orange backdrop which I luckily seen that Wex Photo Video was selling in a sale. Next was getting fishing line to suspend the trainer. I use an old studio background stand for this, as you can see in the images. For the lighting I used a scrim to defuse the lighting from above. Using a Bowens strobe light. I then used a reflector to bounce the light back on the side of the trainer lighting the white sole which was to dark. I also used a mirror on the back side of the shoe to bring light into the heel of the trainer. These reflectors had to be held in place which sometimes tricky using stands and clips to get things in the right place. The last part of the image was lighting the background. This was achieved using two lights. The first was a Bowens strobe light with a medium size honey comb grid which created the ball of light behind the shoe. I worked out the precise location of the light by using the modelling light on the strobe. The second light was a speedlite which was on a medium power and this was just to bring out the light on the background on the right hand side as it was to dark. In photoshop I removed the fishing line which was holding the trainer and the laces up in the air.  

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