Justin Garner Photography

Justin Garner Photography

Brockman’s Gin Shoot

I was planning this shoot for sometime. I wanted a dark feel to the image that completed the gin bottle. Careful thought went Into the colour of the backdrop and also the props that where used. I alway start off with lighting the background. This was a thin softbox placed a low angle giving a gradient to the red seamless paper. I used a pattern radiator cover to add extra interest to the backdrop. For the table surface I’ve used one Club Backdrops patterned covers going with patten called Metalsmith.  


I then moved on to lighting the bottle I’ve using to pieces of Lee Filters defused material with a softbox on the strobe light on both sides. This was to create the soft light running down the sides of the bottle giving an amazing gradient of light. This light was also great in lighting up the glass. The last light was a fill light which I bounced off the ceiling which illuminated the crest of the front of the bottle. 

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