Justin Garner Photography

Justin Garner Photography

Siroko Cycling Glasses

This week my focus was on a pair of cycling glasses. This was going to be a challenge for me dealing with shiny and mat surfaces. 

On building the set I knew that I was going to use three lights for this shoot two on the glasses and one on the background. My problem was how was I going to hold the glasses in place? I settled on using a bulldog clip with some masking tape of extra support. I set up a scrim defuser so that I could achieve a gradient of light on the main part of the glasses. This was quite tricky getting the main light in the right position. Having my camera tethered to the computer made things easier seeing the images on a big monitor. When I was happy with the main light I moved on to the second light. Which is on the right lenses this was going to be a catch light. My first idea was to fire the light though the scrim from above but that was not working. The light had to be much lower. I first used some defusing paper down the right hand side but this could to many reflections. Eventually I found the right spot and using the strobe light with a small about of defused paper in front I achieved the catch light. When I was happy with the two lights I then worked on reflecting the light back on the arm of the glasses on thew left hand side of the image. The final light was the blue colour on the background. This was achieved using a speedlite with a honeycomb grid to keep the light in a tight ball. I added a plastic blue gel to give that technology feel. 

The final stage was to photography the arm that was being held in place by the clip. I asked for some help with this. The glasses where hand held in place as I took the final image to get the information from the arm. This was so that I could reattach it in photoshop in the editing stage. I also had the painstaking task of removing all the dust that had collected on the lenses of the shades. Next time I do this I’ll have a can of air to help remove unwanted dust!   

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