Justin Garner Photography

Justin Garner Photography


I regularly deliver talks to camera clubs across the UK face to face and virtually using software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. I also deliver photography workshops to camera clubs. For more information do get in touch. 
This talk covers lighting techniques in portraiture and product photography. I share my setups using illustrations and images from behind the scenes, giving you an insight into the thought and process of creating the final image. 
This is an insight into my journey taking macro images. I cover the techniques I use to get high-quality images. You will see behind the scenes, images showing setups and equipment that I use. I also cover how I use focus stacking to get images sharp from front to back.
This is a lecture on the history of HDR photography and my approach to creating High Dynamic Range images. I speak about the things I look for and the techniques I use. 


Within the lockdown of 2020 I decided to take on the challenge of taking an image every day from within the grounds of my home. This talk covers the best parts of this mini-project. I share my ideas with behind-the-scenes images of the setups and lighting. 

Upcoming dates


13th June – Sale Photographic – (Product Photography – Face to Face)

29th August – Oldham Photographic Society – (HDR Photography – Face to Face)

18th September – Garstang Camera Club – (Lighting Workshop – Face to Face) 

26th September – Poulton Photographic Society – (Macro Photography – Face to Face)

24th October – Poulton Photographic Society – (Macro Workshop – Face to Face)

4th November – Blythe Bridge Camera Club – (Home Photography – Face to Face)

12th November – Prestwich Camera Club – (Home Photography – Face to Face) 

9th December – Halton Photographic Society – (Home Photography – Face to Face) 

9th Jan – Ormskirk Camera Club – (Macro Photography – Face to Face) 

13th Jan – Newcastle under Lyme – (Lighting Behind the Image – Face to Face)

9th June – Rushcliffe Photographic Society – (HDR Photography – Zoom Meeting) 


“What a superb evening. I was especially taken with the idea of photographing flowers at night – though I think I’ll wait until spring. It’s really good to see, not only other people’s original images, but the details of how they were taken. Clearly, most of Justin’s effort goes into the careful positioning of bits of mostly inexpensive kit rather than into post-processing. His experimenting with and understanding of light was eye-opening.” – North West Bristol Camera Club. 

“Justin Garner was our guest speaker on Thursday 11th November and gave an excellent and engaging presentation on Macro Photography, using his own beautiful and cleverly crafted images to illustrate how to tackle this genre.  He explained things in a way that didn’t baffle the less technically minded in his audience, and came up with some very useful hints on how to avoid spending a fortune on accessories for setting up shots, particularly in a studio.  Simplicity was a watchword, but often that simplicity was achieved after considerable thought and preparation, as he demonstrated with one of his own images which he realised he’d taken too quickly and which could have been improved with a little bit of forethought. 

In the second half, he concentrated on the use of focus stacking – and again made something that sounds horribly technical seem quite straightforward.  Justin’s passion for photography, and desire to encourage others to get as much from it as he does, shone through and if anyone is interested in trying some of his techniques to improve their images, then you’ll find him on various social media platforms.”  –  Earlston Camera Club


“Justin gave his talk on Macro Photography to York Photographic Society. It was his first talk to YPS, but certainly not his last. In my opinion it was the best talk we have had this season from an outside speaker. The success of Justin’s talk was due to his great enthusiasm and passion for his photography. He not only showed great images but explained how they were taken. There was something for everyone, from the newer, less experienced members to the old hands. 
 On a personal level, I began to experiment with macro photography during lockdown when other options were limited. But since then I haven’t bothered with it. That all changed after hearing Justin speak and I am inspired to get out with my macro lens and tripod, even if it’s only as far as the local park.”  – York Photographic Society